10 things to know about Olympic Bobsleigh for Sochi 2014

09 December 2013 / 08:33

Venue: Sanki Sliding Center

Gold medals on offer: 3

Dates: Sunday 16 February-Sunday 23 February

G-force: Crews are subjected to 5-g forces when their sled corners a bend at speed

Brakeman: Sits at the back of the sled and controls the speed by applying the brakes at appropriate times

British Bobsleigh Olympic Training

Pushers: In the four-man, two additional athletes help push the sled and then sit in the sled between the pilot and brakeman

Runners: Two highly polished steel sliders on which the sled rides. Strict rules govern their maintenance.

The name bobsled comes from the early racers bobbing their heads up and down in order to increase their speed.

The oldest ever bobsleigh gold medallist was American athlete Jay O’Brien, who topped the podium at Lake Placid 1932 aged 48.

Jay O’Brien 1932 Olympic

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