Britain's bobsleigh boys receive Olympic bronze medal

It was an emotional evening for Britain's four-man bobsleigh team as they received their bronze medals from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at the Team GB Ball.

The GB crew of John Jackson, Bruce Tasker, Stuart Benson and Joel Fearon were awarded the medals on stage at Old Billingsgate.

Jackson and his team-mates originally finished in fifth place, just over a tenth of a second behind a bronze medal.

However, the first and fourth placed Russian crews were both disqualified for doping violations following re-analysis of samples taken at the Games, meaning the GB crew were upgraded to third place.

It was a momentous evening for Jackson, Tasker, Benson and Fearon after months upon months of waiting to get their hands on a prize they were denied in 2014.

“On stage there was a lot of emotion,” Jackson said. “As a team we’re just glad to be getting this award.

“I’m quite an emotional bloke when you strip everything away, I had to give a speech but ultimately we deserve it and we’ve enjoyed it. It may not have been that Olympic moment but it’s our moment.

“We knew that once we got it, we would all feel like Olympic medallists because it was great it saying it on paper but until we got that medal around our neck none of us truly felt like we were in that position.

“All our kids are getting to see us with our medals which wouldn’t have happened back then so, looking at it from a glass half full, I’m prefer it for them to get to see it.”

Tasker added: “On the day we were immensely happy and proud of what we’d achieved.

“We had some setbacks earlier on that year and we didn’t go into the Olympics in the strongest position we wanted.

“Finishing fifth, we were immensely happy with. It was only once we finished so close that we started thinking about what could have been.

“This now has made amends for that. This was a team that got me into bobsleigh, it’s what’s formed my love of bobsleigh and this achievement is something I’ll be forever proud of.”

“It’s a really special occasion, everyone’s got their significant others here tonight who have been there through the last six years, through thick and thin,” Benson said.

“We’ve had a rollercoaster of a life never mind with the medal coming but the fact we were all able to celebrate tonight is great and we’re having a wider function tomorrow with family and friends.

“Celebrating not just us but everyone who was part of it - they can see the end product and see where we rightfully should have been.”

Fearon said: “It’s massive for us to get this medal. To get it here in such a lovely and elaborate way is so incredibly special for us.”

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