Team Muirhead: The Inside Track
Inside Track

Team Muirhead: The Inside Track

19 February 2015 / 14:58

From bagpipes and Bryan Adams to superheros and Olympic memories, we get The Inside Track from Sochi 2014 bronze medallists Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan and Vicki Adams.

Eve: I first got into curling at the age of eight.  My dad was a world class curler and I remember he came back from an event in Canada with a wee brush and curling shoes for me.  He took me onto the ice for the first time at our local ice rink in Pitlochry and I was never away from the place.

Eve: I have so many Olympic memories but my own would have to be stepping onto the podium to receive my Olympic bronze medal at Sochi 2014. My earliest is watching Rhona Martin winning that curling gold back at Salt Lake 2002 and another favourite has to be Sir Chris Hoy at London 2012.

Vicki: I can still remember staying up late to watch Rhona win that gold medal - from then I knew that's what I wanted to achieve.

Vicki: My sporting hero when I was younger was Kelly Holmes. I remember watching her at the 2004 Athens Olympics and her reaction when finally realising that she had won the gold medal in the 800m final was amazing. 

Anna: My favourite moment from Sochi was obviously winning the bronze medal but I won’t ever forget falling over and embarrassing myself in the semi-final!

Eve: My main hobbies and playing the bagpipes and golf. I’ve played the pipes for years and have competed in national and world championships. With golf I competed a lot when I was younger, even getting my handicap down to two.  I still play a lot and love it!

Eve: My super power would be to be anywhere in the world at a click of a finger so you don’t have to travel for hours! I’d call myself ‘Flying Evey’.

Anna: Oh I’d be ‘Super Sloan’ and I’d want to be able to fly or be invisible.

Vicki: When I was younger I wanted to be a primary School teacher, or a children's nurse.  I'm still growing up and now I want to be a DJ.

Vicki: We’re all pretty close. I spend a lot of time with Eve, Anna and Sarah so we get to know each other inside out - I would be lying if I didn't say we were pretty close.  I also share a flat with Anna, so we are always together, that would be a nightmare if we didn't get on!

Anna: My best mates in curling are definitely my team. It sounds a bit cheesy but it’s true. Eve and I recently took our mums to go see Brian Adams too.