PHOTO BLOG: Day in a life of British Skier, Emily Sarsfield

PHOTO BLOG: Day in a life of British Skier, Emily Sarsfield

06 January 2014 / 09:00

Wake up really depends on the time of year but mid winter the alarm clock isn't as unsocialable as it could be and goes off around 7-7:30am! Getting up is made easier with views like this from my bed...

A room with a view

First things first is enjoying some good breakfast to fuel the day. Its all about the protein in my eyes so eggs and a tasty coco cafe (coffee drink made with coconut water) uplifting and hydrating all in one!

Olympic Winter Breakfast

Next job for me is to use my kinesiology tape... just to ensure all my muscles are working to optimum potential and I’m ready for a full day on the mountain.

kinesiology tape

After wrapping up in sometimes up to 7 layers, protection equipment etc I’m ready to ski. I always start the day with a few mobility stretches to fire the muscles and loosen up before I ask my body to deal with the crazy forces I demand of it when I skiing and jumping over 30/40 metres!

Before we ski the track we always do an ‘inspection’ a slow slide through the course to look at the features, work out tactics, look at the speed we may be travelling and the distances we will be jumping.

Now its the fun part ... skiing! For ski cross its often difficult to train on ski cross tracks as they get built specifically for the events and destroyed straight after to avoid injuries, so often we mix up training with some Alpine skiing, some park, starts and if we are lucky some ski cross tracks.

ski start gate

After skiing is one of the most important parts of the day ... recovery! This involves my favourite part ‘a nap’ but firstly my fire fly recovery bands which help flush my legs of lactate after training, a little spin out on the bike, an ice bath and donning my recovery leggings!

recovery ice bath

After my nap I head to the gym for a little session and a big stretch! 

Gym Session

I also find the time I to chill/ explore with my friends! I want to make the most of this amazing journey travelling the world competing for my country so my Polish and Slovenian teamys are always up for a giggle along the way!

Finally it’s time to refuel with dinner, chill and I’m in bed by 9pm ready to go again the next day ... Rock and roll!