Morning report: Demanding day for Team GB's snowboarders

Morning report: Demanding day for Team GB's snowboarders

10 February 2018 / 07:44
Billy Morgan has vowed to bounce back in the big air competition after failing to make Sunday's snowboard slopestyle Olympic final in PyeongChang.

The X Games medallist needed to finish in the top six in his heat but ranked tenth, 12 points short of the target.

Teammate Jamie Nicholls, sixth in Sochi four years ago, was eighth in his heat while Games newcomer Rowan Coultas was 18th.

"I think we can all take it forward in the big air. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn around some of the luck we’ve had,” said Morgan, who was the top qualifier four years ago.

“I’m pretty gutted. I had a really strong practice and I went in feeling good and chilled. On the second run I had so much headwind, there was just nothing I could do about it. I barely made it over the jump. It’s just a bad roll of the dice.

“My knee was a factor in training. I’ve been having loads of physio and keeping on top with it. It just prevents me from riding loads and that limits my practice.”

Nicholls admitted he wanted to deliver for cousin Katie Ormerod, who was ruled out of her Olympic debut after two training injuries.

And he thought the judges could have been more generous with his run.

"It was obviously devastating for me when Katie hurt herself. I was really upset,” he said.

"I wanted to do this for Katie. She text me after my first run to say 'good work, keep it up.'

"I was just glad I could land my first run for all my family and friends back home."

Coultas also admitted his disappointment after falls on both runs restricted him from showing his full potential.

"I'm gutted,” he said. “I just wanted to land a run and just be stoked on it. I fell on a trick that I'm normally pretty strong at. I've landed it quite a few times in training but I didn't get it right.

"Coming into qualification I was really happy about my riding. My training went really well and I was just ready to do it in competition." 

Still to come ...

Annika Taylor competes in the women’s skiathlon at the cross country at 7.15am while AJ Rosen and Rupert Staudinger are in action in the first runs of the men’s luge at 7.10pm. And biathlon starts, with Amanda Lightfoot making her second Games appearance. She needs a top 60 finish in the women’s sprint, scheduled for 11.15am
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