Jenny Jones: The Inside Track
Inside Track

Jenny Jones: The Inside Track

11 February 2015 / 12:43

Ever wanted to know what Team GB's Jenny Jones' favourite Olympic moment was or what she wanted to be when growing up? We find out this, her superhero name and whether she's any good at limbo dancing with The Inside Track.

I first tried snowboarding aged 16 at Mendip snowcentre by Bristol, near where I live. I wasn’t that great at it early on and my brothers were much better, which really annoyed me, but I fell in love with the sport soon after when I went on holiday to the Italian Alps.

My brothers were my heroes growing up. I wanted to do everything they did and join in every activity, whether that was trying rope swings, biking or scramblers. My earliest memories of sport are of pulling each other along on skateboards.

One of my favourite Olympic moments of all time was watching Katherine Grainger win gold at London 2012. I’m not an avid rowing fan but her determination to go for gold after two silvers was so inspiring. I got very emotional over it. I could relate to her story and it resonated with the journey that I was taking to Sochi.

My earliest Olympic memory is watching Linford Christie and Sally Gunnell at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. I loved watching the gymnastics as a kid too, so it’s great to see Team GB doing so well in that these days.

I love surfing and cycling in my free time away from the snow. Surfing is a lot more upper body and way less impact than snowboarding and being in the ocean and at the beach has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. Cycling is gentle on the knees and body, plus I love going on mini adventures.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a firefighter - just like my dad.

I like a bit of TV now and then and have just finished Game of Thrones. I’m also waiting patiently for Luther to come back on! Outside of TV shows I’m currently reading ‘This Is Paradise Now Go To Hell’ by Chas Smith and bought the new Asgeir album the other day.

I’ve always admired the England women’s rugby and football sides. What they do is completely different to snowboarding and I’m always so impressed by their fitness and skill levels as well as the knocks they take while playing.

I’m actually pretty good at limbo dancing. Helen Glover can vouch for this from the BBC SPOTY awards when she and I joined the England women’s rugby team on the dance floor for a limbo challenge!

Most of my hobbies revolve around sport, so on the weekends packing up the van and driving down to Cornwall and Devon with friends for a weekend of surfing or biking is what I enjoy most. I love the ocean, outdoor adventures and discovering places to eat out. I also enjoy going to the odd gig, live music, summer festivals and visiting friends further afield.

If I was a superhero I’d want to be called Jennydactyl and if I was only allowed one superpower it would have to be the ability to fly.