8 Memorable Olympic Ceremony Firework Displays

8 Memorable Olympic Ceremony Firework Displays

05 November 2014 / 09:30

It's Bonfire Night and we wanted to join in the celebrations by looking back at firework displays from past Olympic Games. After much deliberation we have narrowed it down to just eight memorable Olympic firework displays. 


8. Garmisch and Partenkirchen- 1936

Garmisch and Partenkirchen- 1936

The 1936 Winter Games is the earliest recording of fireworks being used in a Olympic Opening or Closing Ceremony. With the display being held at the top of the ski jump we can only imagine how spectatular it was. 


7. Los Angeles- 1984

Los Angeles- 1984

The Opening Ceremony for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games is well known for Bill Suitor's rocket-powered entrance into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, but their fireworks were just as memorable in our eyes. 


6.  Salt Lake City- 2002

Salt Lake City- 2002

For the Opening Ceremony the stadium turf was replaced with a giant ice rink, with performers wearing ice skates instead of normal shoes. However, the ice skating skills of the performers didn't distract from the mighty firework display.


5. Nagano- 1998

Nagano- 1998

Just look at those firework shapes. How could Nagano not be included in our list? 


4. Beijing- 2008

Beijing- 2008

A fantastic firework display, which was followed by the London 2012 handover featuring none other David Beckham, Boris Johnson and a double decker bus. Who could want more at a Closing Ceremony? 


3. Sydney- 2000

Sydney- 2000

The Olympics Games at the start of the millennium certainly made its mark, with 2.4 billion people tuning in to watch the Closing Ceremony worldwide. 


2. Sochi- 2014

Sochi- 2014

Sochi 2014 saw Team GB equal its greatest Winter Olympics medal haul and the Games certainly started off with a bang! 


1. London- 2012

London- 2012- 2

We might be slightly biased, but London 2012 has topped our list. It's the most spectacular fireworks display at an Olympics Games so far. We wonder what Rio 2016 can bring...


If you know of any Olympic firework displays that should have made our list, put your suggestions in the comments below or tweet us @teamgb.