Youthful British synchro team show no sign of nerves

23 July 2013 / 20:27

Great Britain's youthful synchronised swimming team booked their final place at the World Championships in Barcelona.

Britain made their Olympic debut in the team event at London 2012 but just four of that squad - Yvette Baker, Vicki Lucass, Katie Clark and Asha Randall - have travelled to the Catalan capital.

Double Olympians Jenna Randall and Olivia Federici are now focussing on the solo and duet events, leaving newcomers Amy Campbell, Lucy Bowes, Sam Wilson and Jodie Cowie to complete the squad.

However, there were no signs of nerves as they finished 11th in the qualifying - with an updated version of last year's 'Peter Pan' Olympic routine - for Friday's final.

“That was a really good swim for us,” said Randall. 

“More than 50 per cent of the team is just 15 so we’re a really young team and we’ve got great potential for Rio and onwards.

“I’m sure there’ll be quite a few things to work on – there always is because we’re not perfect. But the lifts worked really well which is good and it just felt really synchronised which is another plus.

“Before we swam, I got us in a huddle and told the younger ones it was just like training and to treat it like that. The only difference is that we’re wearing sparkly costumes so I think that really calmed them down.”

As expected defending champions Russia were the most impressive in qualifying with hosts Spain, another powerhouse in the world of synchro swimming, not far behind.

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