World Cup bronze first of many, says Huston

World Cup bronze first of many, says Huston

28 May 2018 / 10:38
A first World Cup medal for six years is just the start for Archery GB, according to Patrick Huston.
Huston, 22, led the trio of Tom Hall and Alex Wise to bronze in Antalya, Turkey, beating fourth seeds Malaysia 6-2 in the medal match.
For a team who were seeded 14th, the conversion to third speaks of their potential – especially when they have only been working together for six months.
That's the view of Rio 2016 Olympian Huston at least, particularly with what's ahead across the rest of 2018.
“We did a lot of team work over the winter and it’s really great to see it paying off,” said Huston.
“There’s a real close friendship and partnership between us all – that energy and dynamism just flows fantastically, so we know what we’re able to do.
“We’re all about positivity and self-belief.”
Huston, who made headlines in 2016 when he shared his own motivational affirmations during the Rio Olympics, is a relentless character full of determination and optimism.

Archery’s funding uncertainty since Rio seems to have served as a catalyst for this cohort’s success.

And Wise, who with this won his first international medal, is a particular source of excitement for Huston, who considers the 17-year-old to be a star in the making.
“I’ve been around a while, but Tom and Alex are very fresh on the team,” he said.
“Alex is a child prodigy – he’s never lost an international match so far and made the senior World Championships team last year, at the age of 16.
“The upper potential that kid has to shoot is frankly astonishing, so I expect big things out of him.
“I have already achieved quite a lot in my archery career, but this year I made some big technical changes and have already jumped forward massively in standard.
“Given that we’ve started really working and clicking as a team now, I expect the team to continue progressing in standard, learning together, growing together and effectively having a lot of profound international experience.
“Archery’s a very individual sport. There’s not that interaction like with football or rugby, but the way that the dynamic between the three archers works.
“We’ve got the Europeans at the end of this season into the World Championships and qualification for Tokyo – then, it’s the Olympics after that.”
With the Olympics in sight, Huston is keen for his team to boost their standing in future tournaments.
While Great Britain certainly proved their worth with decisive victories over Indonesia, France and Spain, Huston believes that after this victory, they should be considered as challengers from the outset.

“We were definitely a higher standard than that, so we were disappointed with 14th,” he admitted.

“We know that we’re very much capable of shooting at that standard and beating the teams out there, but we’re working on our abilities to correct that in future tournaments.
“We’re fairly confident of our ability – it’s just nice to see them realised quite so early.
“I’m a big confident shooter personally. I go out with all horns blaring and do my best to put on a show.
“To have these two guys alongside gives me the internal confidence to really go out and do that – and I know it does to the other guys.” 
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