Tim Brabants "still in a hard block of training" for London

06 July 2012 / 15:00

After all the build-up, London 2012 is nearly upon us, how does that feel?

I'm still in a hard block of training, so generally feel tired at the moment but looking forward to the tapering phase when you start to feel good and ready to race! The build up and excitement surrounding it has certainly helped push me through the tough sessions. 

The Jubilee really brought the nation together, are you excited about competing on home turf?

I’m excited and can't wait to be racing in front of a huge home crowd. It will make the lake that I often train on really come alive to have so many GB supporters there. 

What goes through your mind when you’re getting ready to compete in the changing rooms?

I stick to the same routine I do for every race anywhere in the World. This helps me to maintain my focus and arrive on the start line fully prepared and ready to give it my best. 

What’s it feel like just seconds before your race/event begins?

It is a weird sense of calm as I am then in a very familiar environment that I have experienced hundreds of times before. I know how the start is going to be announced and what I have to do from there. 

Whilst competing how aware are you of what’s around you?

Generally aware of my competitors but little else. You certainly hear the roar of the crowd grow as we come down the race course and this really pushes me to the finish line. 

What does it feel like to win?

Winning is what is in my mind every time I train and in everything I do. I can't always win but I always train and compete with the right attitude and effort to try and ensure that when I do race, I couldn't have done anything different to be better. When everything does come together correctly and I do win, it is an amazing feeling of combined relief, joy and gratitude for all the support I have had from lots of people to get me there. 

What’s your one top tip for other athletes that you’ve learnt through competing yourself?

If If you don't feel like you're about to explode when you cross the finish line, then you haven't tried hard enough!

With Cadbury you can win £20 if your randomly selected member of Team GB wins Gold, who else in the Team would you like to pull out the hat?

I would like to pick out athletes who I am pretty sure still have the drive and determination to win, like Becky Adlington, Chris Hoy and Ben Ainsle!

Tim Brabants  is a Cadbury Ambassador and, like any member of Team GB, if you find his code inside a Cadbury bar and he wins a medal, you’ll be a winner too. Win.cadbury.co.uk