Team GB’s Favourite Things About Christmas

Team GB’s Favourite Things About Christmas

17 December 2014 / 12:49

We asked our athletes what they enjoyed the most about Christmas and this is what they said!


Beth Tweddle

I love all the decorations around Christmas time – I’m like a little around this time of year. As soon as it turns the first of December my tree and decorations go up. I’ve got a big tree that goes in the flat and then a smaller one that goes just outside as well a Santa and reindeer.

Darcie Mead

Sounds really cringey but I really like all the songs that come out round Christmas, I just think it’s really happy and everyone sings along, so I love that kind of stuff.

Jon Eley

We are always traveling for quite a bit of the year so I don’t get to see my family that much, so when everybody’s in the one room at Christmas it’s pretty nice to spend some quality time with everyone

Leon Taylor

Family time and when you’re an athlete that’s something we don’t get enough of

Amy Williams

I love mince pies. I’m a huge fan of the tree and any decorations too.

Goldie Sayers

I love how it’s the one day a year where people don’t expect you to answer an email or pick up your phone. There’s no need for modern technology, which I loathe for the other 364 days. Maybe I should have been born 100 years ago.

Sharon Davies

There’s no need for clock-watching at Christmas and the day is just so relaxed. The whole thing just rolls without you ever having to look at the time to figure out what you should be doing, which is so rare on any other day of the year.


Kate Richardson-Walsh

I love putting the decorations up. I like having the Christmas music on as we put the tree up. We do have things outside the house too. We’re not the brightest on the street but every year I find myself buying something new. I’m a self-confessed Christmas addict.

Claire Hamilton

It’s got to be the Christmas dinner. I love the stuffing and also the parsnips – I always try to strategically position them near me on the table. I don’t even mind the sprouts.

Ben Hawes

I’ve always really enjoyed Christmas Eve. It’s a great chance to catch up with mates from home but also the first day where you can switch off from training or work. 


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