Sir Chris Hoy & Young Champions post wishes for Glasgow 2018

04 July 2013 / 08:00

Sir Chris Hoy, the UK's greatest ever Olympian, joined Glasgow 2018's Young Champions in Switzerland to post their wishes for Glasgow 2018 as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gathered to choose the host city for the 3rd Youth Olympic Games(YOG).

Revealing the specially-designed Glasgow 2018 Bid Tartan, Scottish cyclist Sir Chris, Jasmine Main, 18, Mahad Ahmed,17, and Elizabeth Pollard, 15, tied their wishes for the bid city to a wish tree in Lausanne, Switzerland. An ancient Scottish tradition, legend says that if a wish is tied to a sacred tree it will come true.

Thousands of people have taken part in the 'I Wish...for Glasgow 2018' campaign since it was launched last week with a celebration of sport and culture by the city's schoolchildren in the civic heart of the city.

Sir Chris, six times Olympic gold medallist, said: "My wish for the tree is that every child in the world should have the chance to ride a bike. I would have loved to have gone to a Youth Olympic Games when I was young. It would have inspired me and got me into sport. I'm particularly impressed with one of Glasgow 2018's young champions, 15-year-old Elizabeth Pollard. Watching her and the rest of the panel prepare today is just like preparing for a big sporting event."

Jasmine, an actress, said: "My wish is that every young person gets the chance to be a champion in their life. In Glasgow we are supported to follow our dreams and that has helped me be successful."

Mahad, Scotland's number one junior triple jumper from Glasgow's School of Sport, said: "I wish that the Youth Olympic Games come to Glasgow so that I can make new friends from all over the world who can compete in one of the world's top ten sporting cities."

Elizabeth, a pupil at Shawlands Academy in Glasgow and originally from Guyana, said she wished to show off the city she had made home since she was eight. "My friends and I will give all our visitors the best welcome possible, and I will get the chance to show what a fun, welcoming city Glasgow is."

Young people in Glasgow helped design the Bid Tartan with the largest Tartan Mill in Scotland, House of Edgar. The tartan is based on the 2018 Bid colours which were chosen following a youth consultation to find those that best represented a youthful, sporting, welcoming and fun city.