Rower Triggs Hodge to dig deep for gold

03 August 2012 / 19:33

Rower Andrew Triggs Hodge is scared of how far he is willing to go to defend his Olympic title and extend Great Britain's dynasty in the men's coxless four.

Britain line up in Saturday's hotly anticipated final at Eton Dorney having won gold at each of the last three Olympic Games, dating back to Sir Steve Redgrave's victorious farewell in 2000.

Australia, with three-time Olympic champion Drew Ginn on board, are gunning for Britain's title and the rivalry between the two crews has intensified through the summer.

Ginn said that Australia's performance in winning the Munich World Cup regatta, when they led from the front, had "scared the hell" out of Britain. The British crew responded by beating the Australians in the semi-final - and Hodge warned he is not prepared to concede the Olympic title on home waters.

"The thing I'm most scared of is how much pain I can put myself through," said the British stroke-man. "Regardless of what they're going to throw at us, we're going to dig deep. That's just a bottom line.

"I think we can hold a bit more speed in certain areas (than we did in the semi-final) and that'll hurt - but I'm looking forward to doing it. It's what we've been training for, it's what I know we can do.

"We've all been through a hell of a lot over the last three years and this is another moment to see how how deep you can go, to reach the bottom and to find out what the body's capable of."

Great Britain laid down a marker in the semi-finals, coming from a length down to row through Australia and complete a confidence-boosting victory.

To some extent, the semi-finals are a phoney war with three qualifying but Britain were able to prove they are not fazed by an Australian crew leading from the front. That win teed up a thrilling Ashes-style showdown between Great Britain and Australia on Saturday.

"I think we've got another gear," Pete Reed warned. "They've got another gear as well. I know it. But whatever they can do, we can do as well."