Rebecca Adlington: "The Queen is such a wonderful lady"

04 July 2012 / 15:00

After all the build-up, London 2012 is nearly upon us, how does that feel?

I can’t wait. I was delighted to get through qualifying and to confirm my place. People always think its guaranteed – but it’s not. The Games are going to be so exciting – the Olympics is the biggest event in the world, sporting or otherwise, and to have it in your own country is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 The Jubilee really brought the nation together, are you excited about competing on home turf?

I loved the Jubilee! The Queen is such a wonderful lady! I thought the way she stood out in the rain and watched all the boats come down the Thames was awesome. It’s a great way to start the summer of 2012 off. I’m sure the crowds will get behind Team GB for the Games too and I can wait to feel the tingle of excitement down my spine when they start cheering.

What goes through your mind when you’re getting ready to compete in the changing rooms?

Not much! By the time I’m in the changing room all the hard work in training has been done and I’m confident and ready. I’m just thinking about my swim and what my coach and I have talked about

What’s it feel like just seconds before your race/event begins?

I’m in my little bubble so I’m just concentrating on swimming my best.

Whilst competing how aware are you of what’s around you?

I’m aware that there are more people watching than in a normal training session! But other than that it’s not something that I think about. I just want to get a good start and get a good rhythm going in the pool.

What does it feel like to win?

It’s such a great feeling. It’s why I put all those hours in, day in and day out, getting up at a ridiculous time and making the sacrifices that other people my age don’t have to make. Winning makes all that worthwhile.

What’s your one top tip for other athletes that you’ve learnt through competing yourself?

Never give up, you can’t always win every race, but you should try to!

With Cadbury you can win £20 if your randomly selected member of Team GB wins Gold, who else in the Team would you like to pull out the hat?

My best friend Keri-anne Payne – she’s a great swimmer and I’d love it if she won a Gold medal

Rebecca Adlington is a Cadbury Ambassador and, like any member of Team GB, if you find her code inside a Cadbury bar and she wins a medal, you’ll be a winner too.