Randall wrist-ing it all

08 May 2012 / 20:05

Jenna Randall will not scale down her training ahead of London 2012, despite a wrist injury that forced her out of the synchronised swimming duet competition at last month's test event.

The 23-year-old sprained her wrist in March while lifting one of her team-mates in the pool at their training base in Aldershot.

Synchronised swimming national performance director Biz Price decided to pull Randall and her partner, Olivia Federici, out of the duet competition at the test event. Yet Randall insists the issue will have no effect on her preparations.

"It's going really well, kind of back to full-time training, I just have to build back the muscle in my arm that I have lost from the injury over the past five weeks," she said.

"I'm just trying to build back the training slowly so that I don't rush into it too full on so that I get another injury."

Her determination to continue as normal sits well with Price.

"We don't let them lose out on that crucial training time," she said. "We've been pretty diligent on training through on other aspects she needs to develop, and bringing (her wrist) back in with the flow.

"It really hasn't made that significant an impact. However, you always worry that when you've injured something that something else is going to happen. A couple of years ago one of the girls broke her nose in the shower when she reached down to get her shampoo bottle, but we're not worried about her breaking her nose again.

"These are the kind of things that happen, freak accidents and the rest of it. The ones that are over-use injuries, we try to limit those types of things, but the little freak ones will always happen."

Randall expects to be fully fit by the time she dives into the pool with her partner for the European Championships in Eindhoven later this month, and certainly by the time of the Olympics Opening Ceremony.