Moynihan Attends IOC Anti-Corruption Summit

25 February 2011 / 13:00


British Olympic Association (BOA) Chairman Colin Moynihan has accepted International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Dr. Jacques Rogge’s invitation to participate in an IOC Summit on fighting corruption in sport on 1 March in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The summit follows recent comments made by Dr. Rogge at the AIPS Integrity in Sport Symposium in Lausanne on 27th January, where he brought attention to this important issue.

In his role as Chairman of the Association of National Olympic Committees’ (ANOC) Commission for Collaboration Between National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and Governments, Moynihan will engage with the representatives of both governments and sports bodies in attendance at the summit.

BOA Chairman Colin Moynihan said:

“With the London 2012 Olympic Games now just over 500 days away, I fully support the President’s timely focus on corruption. I endorse his comments that in order to protect the integrity and credibility of sport, we must get on the front foot now and take the decisive steps necessary to safeguard sport from corruption.

“The ideals of fair play and honesty are at the core of our being in the Olympic Movement, so we must be especially vigilant and united against these ills. This is a battle that we must, and will, win.

“I agree with the President’s view that International Federations need rules and measures to guard against and discourage these forms of corruption, but the sports world cannot tackle these problems alone.

“Similar to the united front in the fight against doping in sport, which saw sport and governments come together on a global level to create the independent World Anti-Doping Agency in 1999, we need to work collectively with governments, international sport bodies, betting operators and other relevant organisations to succeed in this fight.

“I am delighted and honoured to accept the President’s invitation to participate in the IOC Summit on this important matter on 1 March in Lausanne.”