Mother tells of 'mad' Hoy career

17 April 2012 / 06:34

Sir Chris Hoy's mother thinks it is "mad" that he earns his living by riding a bike but said she is very proud of him all the same.

Sir Chris, 36, a four-time Olympic champion who won three golds at the 2008 Beijing Games, perhaps will not thank his mother for telling everyone that his first bicycle was a girl's bike.

His Olympic titles are "very, very proud moments" but Carol Hoy added: "Then I was proud of him when he won the egg-and-spoon race when he was a wee boy as well. So I'm just a boring mum who loves her kids."

Mrs Hoy's view of her son's successes, he is still one of Britain's biggest hopes for London 2012, are part of eight short documentary-style films by P&G telling the story of raising a world-class athlete.

Mrs Hoy recalled: "I think it does seem mad to earn your living from riding a bike, but it's what makes him happy.

"In Beijing, watching Chris standing up on the podium was absolutely unbelievable.

"I don't know if I cried the whole way through or laughed or smiled but I think I woke up the next morning and said to my husband David, 'I dreamt that Chris has won three gold medals' and he said 'I know, so did I...'.

"His first ever bike was a girl's bike, handed over by a neighbour.

"I don't think he realised it was a girl's bike at the time. He managed to break that very quickly which perhaps meant he'd like a new one."

Edinburgh-born Sir Chris got his first BMX bike when he was about eight or nine, and Mrs Hoy recalled: "I thought he was going to cry with happiness when we took him to the shop, he was so excited, thrilled."