Light winds make life difficult at sailing Worlds

15 September 2014 / 21:14

Light winds meant a frustrating day for sailors at the World Championships in Santander - with most confined to weather watching on the shore.

Racing was planned across eight classes but only half the 49er fleet saw action as the unsettled conditions upset plans for an action packed day of 35 races.

British world number six ranked duo Dave Evans and Ed Powys posted a seventh and 14th while European champions Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign suffered a nightmare day - false starting and posting a distant 20th.

“It wasn’t our brightest hour out there,” admitted Sign.

“We started out with a false start and you’re always on the back foot then trying not to force anything when you’re starting the next time.  You try and give yourself the opportunity to get off the startline and it proves quite tricky.

“We’ll be taking the next races as they come.  It’s definitely not over yet, we’re still heads up and pushing on.”

Meanwhile, Evans admitted the sweltering conditions had its benefits.

“It’s like sitting in a sauna trying to play chess," he said.

“It gets pretty hot and sweaty, but it’s good that the whole fleet opens up and every boat is going to go the same speed in those kind of conditions. If someone makes a good tactical call then they’ll win. It’s anyone’s race and a lot more open in the lighter breeze.”

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