Keeping the Olympic Spirit Alive

13 December 2012 / 16:19

London 2012 Olympians and Games Makers bid for Christmas Number 1  – “’I Wish for you the World’”


A choir of Games Makers formed during the London 2012 Olympic Games launched their bid for the Christmas No.1 last night at the Royal Festival Hall. The all-volunteer group, who performed at the Olympic Park during the Games, have teamed up with singer songwriter Alistair Griffin to record a new song entitled ’I Wish For You The World’.

‘I Wish for You the World’ is a charity record with all proceeds from the single being donated to the British Olympic Foundation and British Paralympic Association, to be used to develop and create opportunities for aspiring young people in pursuit of their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

London Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones, who benefitted from the work of the British Olympic Foundation when she competed in the Inaugural 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games in taekwondo, said:

“The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games was my first taste of the Olympic environment.   My participation was funded in part by the British Olympic Foundation and my experience in Singapore was invaluable, not only because I won the gold, which was fantastic, but also it motivated me to continue to strive for my dream of competing and medalling at the London Olympic Games.”

The song, which is featuring in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year’s coverage this Sunday, has the backing of a number of London 2012 Team GB athletes including BBC Sports Personality nominee and London 2012 Olympic gold medallist Katherine Grainger, who has pledged her support for the Games Makers and has even provided vocals on the track.

Speaking about her involvement, Grainger, a four-time Olympian and four-time Olympic medallist, said:

“What a great song. It captures all the excitement and joy and feelings of friendship and partnership that were the spirit of the Games. It helps not only to maintain all the enthusiasm but also to build on it, so that the legacy really can be strong. Sing on!”

Andrew Triggs Hodge, a three-time Olympian and two-time Olympic gold medallist, who is also supporting the track, said:

“When I look back on what the Games did for the country it’s astonishing to see how it pulled the nation together. The Games Makers brought an incredible energy to the Games.

“It is a real song, with proper soul, with proper meaning behind every lyric, behind every word, every voice that sings it. I am honoured to be a part of it.

Alistair Griffin said:

‘I wrote the song after being so affected by the Olympics to reflect the amazing year we’ve had as a nation and when I heard the Games Makers choir I knew they had to sing it. They’re the people who made the Games and this is the people’s song”

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