Farah may wait for marathon switch

13 August 2012 / 09:21

Britain's Olympic hero Mo Farah believes his coach will tell the athlete to concentrate on track success instead of chasing marathon riches.

Farah, who won the 10,000 and 5,000 metres at London 2012, had previously said he would switch to the marathon in 2013, where top stars can command huge appearance fees at big-city races in the likes of New York, Chicago and London.

However, Farah feels Alberto Salazar - who won the New York Marathon himself for three years in succession from 1980 - will feel it is too early for 29-year-old Farah to make the change.

"I'm not sure about next year but I do want to run the London Marathon. I am quite excited about it, the crowd, it would be amazing," said Farah, who will run a half-marathon in the Great North Run on September 16.

"It's an option but I have not talked to Alberto or Ricky (Simms, his agent). I believe Alberto will probably say it's too early for the road, keep up the track. Things are going well and as an athlete you want to be able to collect as many medals as possible throughout your career. I want to keep going now.

"To be a legend like Usain Bolt you have to go from track, world records, the marathon; there is lots of stuff to be done and I don't consider myself to be a legend or anything like that."

Salazar's methods - which include running on an underwater treadmill - ultimately worked to perfection, with Farah able to run the last lap of each Olympic triumph in 53 seconds to hold off the chasing pack.

"Alberto is a genius," Farah added.

"It was only the last lap really and that's been the difference, one or two per cent. I've always had it but I just haven't been able to finish races, now I am finishing races strong.

"They were queuing up to pass me (in the 5,000m) and I could feel that but I wasn't going to let anyone past me. It's an incredible feeling."