Family affair in triathlon

07 August 2012 / 16:58

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee made the Olympic triathlon a family affair as they thrilled the huge Hyde Park crowd to take gold and bronze.

There was a lot of pressure on the Yorkshire brothers, who finished last year ranked one and two in the world, but they lived up to expectations, albeit with a few dramas.

Jonny received a penalty for mounting his bike too early, which he had to take on the run, but by that point Alistair and Spain's two-time world champion Javier Gomez had pulled away.

Alistair then kicked again and moved clear of his rival, and he had time to collect a Union Jack on his way down the finishing straight before crossing the line to become Britain's first Olympic medallist in triathlon.

Jonny was not far behind but the 22-year-old then collapsed from his exertions and had to be treated in the medical room, delaying the medal ceremony for an hour.

Alistair admitted his primary emotion was relief, saying: "I was very tired, you just want to finish and have a sit down. You don't really have too much time to enjoy it.

"I'd run really hard, probably as hard as I've ever run to win that race. I was very proud and happy but my overwhelming feeling was just to get across the line and get it over and done with."

The pair are the first British siblings to win medals in an individual sport at the same Games since Reggie and Laurie Doherty also won gold and bronze in tennis in 1900.

They live and train together in the village of Bramhope near Leeds, and Alistair said: "I'm immensely proud that my brother could get a bronze.

"We made no secret of the fact we wanted to get both of us on the podium and that's not an easy thing to do considering Britain's never won a medal in triathlon.

"It shows the strength of training together, pushing each other on all the time and the relationship that we have."