Driscoll has high hopes for British trampolining in 2015

15 January 2015 / 17:56

With the World Championships and qualification for the Olympics on the horizon it’s sure to be a busy year for trampolinist Kat Driscoll.

The 28-year-old was Britain’s only representative on the trampoline at London 2012 but is hoping that Rio isn’t quite as lonely.

Driscoll failed to make the finals in London but has since gone on to team and synchro gold at the 2013 World Championships in Sofia.

And, with this year’s World Championships in Odense, Denmark, serving as a qualification for the Rio Games, she is hoping to be fit and ready to perform to her best.

“I missed the first half of last year through injury, so the main thing for the first half of this year is to make sure everything has healed properly and my ankle can stand up to the training and competitions,” Driscoll told the Northern Echo.

“It’s been so far, so good, and I’m really pleased with the recovery.

“It’s going to be a strange year because I don’t really have any competitions until June, so the first half of the year will all be about training as hard as possible and trying out a few different things on the trampoline.

“Things get pretty hectic from the summer, and the World Championships in November are massive because they’re the main event in terms of qualifying for the Olympics.

“If you’re one of the eight girls who make the final at the Worlds, then your country gets a guaranteed Olympic place.

“We qualified one place for London, which I obviously took, but the hope this time around is that we can get two places for Rio.

“I’ve made the final at the last three World Championships, so hopefully I’ll maintain that record this year.”

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