British trio advance with world record

05 April 2012 / 09:59

Great Britain's Joanna Rowsell, Dani King and Laura Trott set a world record in the three kilometre team pursuit to advance as fastest qualifiers on day two of the Track Cycling World Championships at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne.

Britain watched on as Australia's Annette Edmondson, Melissa Hoskins and Josephine Tomic, the 10th of 14 teams to ride, lowered the world record to three minutes 17.053 seconds. It was more than a second quicker than the time Britain set in February.

But Rowsell, King and Trott went faster still to finish in 3mins 16.850secs and set up another team pursuit duel between the World Championship hosts and the London Olympics hosts.

Britain's men won the 4km bout in a world record on the opening day.

The race for bronze will take place between Canada, whose trio of Tara Whitten, Jasmin Glaesser and Gillian Carleton clocked 3:19.494, and New Zealand's Lauren Ellis, Jaime Nielson and Alison Shanks (3:20.598).

British Cycling head coach Shane Sutton was impressed by the British trio's performance after seeing their previous best time beaten minutes earlier.

Sutton has predicted another world record in Thursday evening's final, with two teams on the track, circulating air and the race for gold speeding up the riders.

Sutton said: "I think tonight will be a world record ride to win it. Tonight it's going to be a (three minutes) 15 (seconds) ride to win. We set an outcome goal of that quite a long time ago.

"If strategies are right, we should get down to the top end of (three minutes) 15 (seconds) tonight, might just creep inside (three minutes) 16 (seconds). (But) tonight's not records, it's about winning, it's about racing.

"We're going to go out there and race, put them under pressure, probably try to get onto them a little bit quicker and see whether we can expose them."