British rowers cooking up a storm

15 June 2012 / 17:31

Head men's coach Jurgen Grobler has Great Britain's rowers cooking up a storm as he aims to deliver a feast of gold medals at London 2012.

Britain's Olympic preparations have continued in positive fashion, with seven crews through to the finals after the opening day of the third Rowing World Cup regatta in Munich.

Expectations are high for British rowing this summer. Their official Olympic target is to match the six medals they won in Beijing and retain their position as the world's leading rowing nation.

But Grobler has 40 years of experience in producing Olympic champions and he believes Britain have all the right ingredients - chiefly the passion and dedication - to do even better than that.

"We have a good competitive team, and the World Cup shows potential for a very good result," Grobler said.

"Our target will be to do as well as at the last Olympics. That's the first challenge, but no question the athletes would get upset with only that many medals.

"We are well funded, we have loads of support, we train hard and we demonstrate that through results. What you can't do is buy the medals, we are not the only one in the world.

"The key thing [to winning] is the right kind of life, the passion and dedication to the sport.

"Rowing is a very small family. The principles are the same, its how you do it daily and motivate athletes.

"We have a recipe. It's the same basic recipe as everyone else but one that maybe tastes a bit better."