All fun and games for GB's archers
London 2012

All fun and games for GB's archers

26 July 2012 / 15:32

Simon Terry has vowed Team GB's archers will be all smiles when the competition gets under way at Lord's on Friday.

All 128 archers - 64 men and 64 women - will shoot before the official opening ceremony in a preliminary ranking round that determines seedings for the individual and team events.

The men's ranking round begins at 9am and Leicestershire athlete Terry has promised he - along with team-mates Larry Godfrey and Alan Wills - will bring a sense of fun to proceedings.

"We have changed our mental outlook a little bit and decided just to relax a little bit," said Terry, a double bronze medallist in Barcelona 20 years ago. "We always used to shoot well in practice and then we tended to put too much pressure on ourselves to carry that into the competition.

"Some people say that it doesn't look very professional because we are clowning around a lot but that's what we do in practice. Why can't we carry that on into the competition? It's just about smiling and laughing. We have always seemed to shoot better when we are laughing and joking; just enjoying ourselves, enjoying what we do."

Their new approach has already paid dividends, with the trio claiming World Cup gold in Turkey in May. Terry thinks their opponents, India, were not expecting to be beaten and has now set his sights on upsetting the odds again at London 2012.

"Reading some of the reports from the Indians they didn't really think that we could shoot that well," he said. "We put a scupper on their plans. Hopefully we can carry that on and we will do exactly the same again. If it doesn't look very professional, then all that matters is that we win. That is the main thing."

All archers had a chance to familiarise themselves with the venue on Wednesday, getting their only opportunity to shoot in the elimination range before the knockout matches get under way.

After his own practice session, Terry said: "The conditions were spot on, but I hope it doesn't become too humid, which would make it difficult. The only thing I've noted is that the arrows are affected when they go over the wicket area because there's a gap between the stands and the targets.

"We hope (being the host nation) brings us an advantage, but we're just going to keep our cool out there."