Adlington's not alone

19 June 2012 / 23:05

Rebecca Adlington's family are preparing to endure a nervous seven weeks as the swimmer gets ready to compete at the Olympics.

Since Adlington's double joy in Beijing four years ago, she has experienced a number of highs and lows, culminating in a stunning triumph at last year's World Championships.

"They've been brilliant, they've always been brilliant," Adlington told Press Association Sport.

"My mum comes over three times a week, we live 30 minutes away - she comes over and cooks for me. She lets my dad fend for himself, she's like 'yeah, you can put up with it, I'm going to help them out'."

Not only has it been in the sporting arena where family support has been so vital.

The 23-year-old has become the subject of abuse, both in online articles and Twitter with the Nova Centurion swimmer planning to use the social media tool sparingly during the Olympics after having already stopped reading articles about herself given the abusive comments made by some.

Earlier this month, Adlington retweeted an abusive message she had been sent to highlight what she had been referring to.

Adlington said: "I think sometimes you read stuff in the paper and you don't necessarily believe it all the time or you think 'she's exaggerating, it can't be like that'.

"I just thought to myself I'll give people an example."

She added: "Only somebody like David Beckham could call someone ugly because he is absolutely beautiful."