What's in your basket? Lauren Smith



What's in your basket? Lauren Smith

04 August 2016 / 14:50

With the Olympic Games now upon us, final preparation is in full swing as Team GB’s athletes look to be at their performance peak come game day.

No aspect of preparation is more vital that what an athlete eats and drinks, so we sat down with the stars of Team GB to find out what fuels them.

This time it’s 24-year-old women’s doubles badminton star Lauren Smith.

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The double Commonwealth medallist travels the world with her playing partner Heather Olver, but when she’s at home, what’s in her shopping basket?

I’m very organised, so I like to plan my meals before I go shopping. I always take a list with me – I spend so much time with Heather that I think she could write my shopping list for me.

Although I did forget my list the other week and it was a disaster.

I normally have a lot of meat and vegetables in there.

I love Mexican food, although not too spicy though so I make it all myself – it’s my favourite food to cook.

I do a lot of chicken dishes so there’s a lot of that in my shop, maybe some chorizo too to mix things up – and salmon is my favourite fish.

Then mince would be the other meat I buy, but I do have diced steak for stews as well, I never really eat a proper steak.

For breakfast I have yoghurt with some raisins and flax seeds – I have that every day so I buy those every week.

I like a green tea in the morning too, so that’s in there a lot, and also decaf coffee for when I get home at night.

For lunch I tend to have eggs – I love eggs in any form.

And there’s always a lot of blackcurrant and apple squash in there too – I need that in my bottle for every session.

My treat would be something sweet, I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth, so I do enjoy a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream – I’ll put that in my basket if I’m back home, up north in Cumbria.

I’m not too picky when it comes to fruit and veg but there are a couple of things I won’t eat.

I do not eat bananas, I think they’re the devil, they’re awful – I am really, really, against them.

***Doubles partner Heather interjects with: “If you waved a banana in her face right now then her reaction would be quite entertaining!”***

And mushrooms are also pretty awful, but apart from that the only other things I don’t like are rice pudding and custard, I think that’s it for that list.

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