Perfect pizza a priority for hammer thrower Dry



Perfect pizza a priority for hammer thrower Dry

30 August 2016 / 07:00

With Rio 2016 over our Team GB athletes are now enjoying a well-earned rest.

In the build up to the Olympic Games we brought you stories of how athletes honed their bodies by eating right to ensure they would perform at their peak in Brazil.

But now, with Tokyo four years in the distance, we can forgive our stars indulging and treating themselves to all the things that were banished from the cupboard during the long, hard, road to Rio.

And for hammer thrower Mark Dry, who finished 21st in Rio, that means firing up the oven and creating one of his signature homemade pizzas as soon as he disembarked ‘VictoRIOus’.

“If I was to go on a show like Ready, Steady, Cook, I would make a homemade pizza,” he said.

“Pizza is my favourite food, even though it stereotypically sounds bad for an athlete to say that!

“I’ve got some pizza stones at home and some chef friends that I met while I was training in America, and now I make my own pizza bases and it’s all very healthy.

“You can make it very low fat, the cheese is probably the worst thing, but I love making them.

“I love a good crispy Italian crust, and I’d put plenty of chicken and vegetables on top.”

Rio 2016 saw Dry make his long-awaited Olympic debut, having won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow two years ago.

And despite what you may think, the 28-year-old insists bigger isn’t necessarily better for hammer throwers going for gold.

“There are some very different types of throwers,” he explained. “Some carry more weight, but with that, it gives you more of a speed restriction – although you are able to deal with more conditions a lot easier.

“If you get a slow circle or a small headwind, you are able to counteract the situation a little better so you are more of an all rounder in those conditions.

“I’m more of a speed guy, so if I’m in a quicker circle, then that is more of a benefit.”

And like every athlete, from sprinters, to divers, to hockey players, Dry has to watch what he eats like a hawk, but that’s something, he admits, he is more than happy to do.

“I tend to keep myself a lot leaner, I’m pretty strict with my diet, but you will find that a lot of hammer throwers carry a lot more weight,” he said.

“I need to be fully fuelled and ready to go as a power athlete so I keep an eye on my diet. It’s very high in protein like a sprinter’s, but I perhaps don’t have to be as strict as other athletes in other sports.”

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