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Nicola Adams...An Athlete's View



Nicola Adams...An Athlete's View

30 June 2016 / 12:59

Born in Leeds, Nicola Adams became the first British female boxer to win a medal in a major tournament when she came away with silver at the 2007 European Championships in Denmark. Since then, Adams fighter has continued to write her name into the record books, claiming the first Olympic women’s boxing medal in history at London 2012. She then added the Commonwealth Games title in 2014, taking the women’s flyweight title on a split decision, before becoming European Games Champion during the inaugural event at Baku 2015.

In her latest blog, Nicola Adams talks Rio 2016 Olympic Games countdown and getting her hands on the new Team GB kit.

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It’s not long to go until Rio now and the excitement is really building, especially with the official team announcement today.

Winning the world title in May filled me with confidence and put me on a real high and really focussed me. It couldn’t have gone better for me.

If you were ever to write a training programme on how the preparation should be done to go to a World Championship then I’ve done it.

Nothing too much has changed in my training in the last few years really, it’s not too different to how it was going into the London Olympic Games four years ago – I’ve just got a bit more experience.

I know what I am going to be up against in Rio, London was a home Games but I don’t think it’s going to be too different in Brazil – I box abroad all the time, the World Championships were in Kazakhstan and the European Games were in Azerbaijan.

The ring, the referee, the judges and the opponents don’t change – for me it will be quite familiar.

The standard has improved massively in the last four years though, but I am going to Rio wanting to be a double Olympic gold medallist.

From now until Rio I’ll just be in the gym and doing some computer gaming, that always helps me relax, as well as listening to music.

We’ve got a training camp before we head to Rio but until then I’ll just be training, but you can’t train all the time and one of the things I think a lot of athletes look forward to for Team GB is the kitting out process.

It is a really exciting time, it just gives you that sense of ‘right, we’re one step closer to Rio’. It’s a chance to get together with the rest of the team too and you feel a real part of Team GB once you’ve got that kit with the Olympic rings on.

After that we’ve got a training camp, then we’re heading to Rio.

I’m looking forward to the Opening Ceremony too. I know some people, the swimmers for example, often don’t get to go to the Opening Ceremony but I went to both ceremonies in London and they were amazing, I’ve got so many good memories from those events.

But for now it’s about preparation. I’ve put in the training so far, I’m going to be putting more training in and as long as I do everything I need to do in the gym, hopefully I’ll come home with another gold medal.

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