Dan Purvis... An Athlete's View


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Dan Purvis... An Athlete's View

26 May 2016 / 10:54

Born in Crosby, gymnast Daniel Purvis came to the nation’s attention in 2010 when he became British men’s all-around champion, a double European medallist and world bronze medallist in the same year. Two years later he capped off his Olympic Games debut in London by taking home team bronze, while in 2014 he further cemented his status as a leading international gymnast by winning parallel bars gold and team silver for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

In his latest blog, Dan talks about this week’s European Championships and his approach to social media.

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With the European Championships starting this week and selection for the Olympic Games not far away, this is definitely one of my most important months for a long time.

I’m enjoying it though because I don’t know how many more competitions I am going to be doing like this.

The last two Olympic cycles have been great and now I’m just trying to get my routines and my body ready and enjoy it.

There’s a lot of pressure but I’m enjoying the big competitions, putting my hand up and hoping to get the job done.

It has been a good year so far and, touch wood, there haven’t been any setbacks for me just yet.

At the Europeans this week we’re aiming to get first in the team event or, if not, then at least get a team medal.

The main rivals for team gold are definitely Russia. We’ve been competing against them for a number of years – in 2012 we managed to get on top of them at the Europeans but then in 2013 they got in front of us. It should be a good fight once again.

We’re thinking about laying down a marker ahead of the Olympic Games. From that point of view it’s a good place to be if we could win the medal.

Individually I’d love to make an apparatus final or two and try to medal – that would be a great Europeans for me.

Normally we would have the Europeans and then the World Championships in October or November, so having the Olympic Games in the summer is different.

The Europeans will be a great experience – a major tournament, the same format – but the ultimate thing is Rio.

It’s important to get the performances out for the Games and this event is just ticking the boxes but hopefully giving us confidence as well.

We want team gold but if not it will be back in the gym and seeing what we can do to get that team ready for the Olympics.

It’s a bit of a shame that Max Whitlock will miss out with a viral illness because he is at the top of his game when he’s healthy.

He’s a big help for the team but at the same time but we know Rio is the main thing, so for him to get better now, rest up and be as fresh as he can for Rio is important.

The bonus is that if we come away with a big result here and then add Max to the team later on that would be fantastic and scare the rest of the world.

We can take the positives from it – it will be difficult to get a better score without Max but if we can get close to that it will be a great experience.

Away from competing, I enjoy being on social media but I now know when to turn it off before a competition to just to focus on my routines.

I always like to say thanks to the supporters on social media but I like to wait until after the competition.

I like to stay in my own little bubble and focus on what I have to do. At London 2012 especially I couldn’t believe social media and all the followers and messages I was getting.

I was taken aback by it but now I enjoy it afterwards, so that is how I approach it – stay in my own bubble, doing my own routines in the gym and then hopefully they go well so you can enjoy the aftermath of it.

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