Summer Games Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Australia 22 November - 8 December 1956

  • Host Nation Austrlia
  • Sports 17
  • Duration 22 November - 8 December 1956
  • Competition Venues 20
  • Competing Athletes 3314
  • Competing Nations 72

Melbourne / Stockholm 1956

23,238 DAYS

About Games

The Melbourne Olympics of 1956 were the first Games in which all the athletes walked together at the closing ceremony regardless of nation. This idea was suggested by an Australian schoolboy John Ian Wing to symbolise global unity and has remained part of Olympic protocol ever since.

The Soviets dominated winning 37 gold medals including two from Vladimir Kuts, who did the 5000m and 10,000m double. Australian quarantine laws did not allow the entry of foreign horses, so the equestrian events were held separately in Stockholm in June. Great Britain enjoyed much more success at these games with six gold medals. In the boxing ring, Terry Spinks won gold in the fly-weight class, and Dick McTaggart did likewise in the light-weight class.