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If your enquiry is regarding a specific Olympic sport or athlete, please contact the relevant sport’s governing body. Contact details for each sport can be found here in the Sports section of the site.

If you have a question which is not answered in this FAQs section, please email boa@boa.org.uk or call 0207 842 5700.

  • What is the British Olympic Association?

    The British Olympic Association (BOA) is the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The BOA is responsible for the participation in the Olympic Games of athletes from GB and NI, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and UK Overseas Territories which do not have their own National Olympic Committee.

    The BOA provides the pivot around which Team GB revolves prior to, and during the Olympic Games. Working with the Olympic Governing Bodies, the BOA selects Team GB from the best sportsmen and women who will go on to compete in the 28 summer and 7 winter Olympic sports at the greatest sporting competition in the world. The BOA is not funded or controlled by government, has no political interests and is completely dependent upon commercial sponsorship and fundraising income. The BOA is the strong, independent voice for British Olympic Sport.

    The BOA’s role is to lead and prepare our nation’s finest athletes at the Olympic Games and it has the responsibility for developing the Olympic Movement throughout the UK. In addition, the BOA delivers support services to Britain’s Olympic athletes and their National Governing Bodies throughout each Olympic cycle to assist them in their preparations for, and performances at the Games.

  • What is the National Olympic Committee?

    The National Olympic Committee (NOC) is the British Olympic Associations' (BOA's) decision and policy-making body. A member of each of the Olympic sports makes up the NOC. The NOC elects four officers: a President, Chairman and two Vice-Chairman, each for a four year term. Six members of the NOC are also elected to the Executive Board. This Board is involved in more detailed work of the BOA and will also put forward specific proposals for decision by the NOC.

  • What is Team GB?

    Team GB is the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team.

    Every two years the Team represents Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the summer or winter Olympic Games. The Team is selected by the British Olympic Association, in conjunction with the governing bodies, from the best sportsmen and women to compete in 28 summer and 7 winter Olympic sports at the greatest sporting event in the world.

    The sportsmen and women who are selected to participate for GB at the Olympic Games become members of the Great Britain Olympic Team, Team GB.

    There is only one Olympic team from Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Team GB. There is not an Olympic swimming team or Olympic rowing team. The individual sports join to become Team GB, the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team.

  • How is Team GB selected?

    The British Olympic Association (BOA) is responsible for selecting Team GB for the Olympic Games, in conjunction with the National Governing Bodies of each Olympic sport. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federation agree the qualification standard for each sport at the Olympic Games. The BOA and each governing body agree any higher standard above that qualification specifically for Team GB.

  • How is Team GB funded?

    The British Olympic Association (BOA) is solely responsible for funding Team GB’s participation at the Olympic Games. The BOA does not receive government or lottery funding and is completely dependent upon commercial sponsorship and fundraising income.

  • Who are the Olympic Partners?

    The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme is the highest level of Olympic sponsorship and provides sponsors with exclusive worldwide marketing rights to both the summer and winter Games.

    TOP Partner companies are multinational organisations which are able to provide direct support, sponsor services or expertise for the staging of the Games. In addition to supporting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Organising Committees, TOP Partners support National Olympic Committees (NOC) and their Olympic teams.

    The worldwide Olympic Partner Programme is managed and negotiated by the IOC.

  • How do I find out more about an Olympic sport?

    Click on the links to find out which sports are represented at the summer and winter Olympic Games. In this section of the website you will find detailed information on each sport, including: history, technical, equipment, rules, Team GB medallists and news.

  • How do I contact an athlete?

    To contact an athlete outside of Olympic Games time you will need to contact their relevant sport’s National Governing Body, for example if you wanted to contact a swimmer you would need to contact British Swimming, if you wanted to contact a gymnast you would need to contact British Gymnastics. Contact details for each National Governing Body can be found by clicking here for summer sports and here for winter sports.

  • Where can I access rights-free images of Olympic athletes?

    The rights to images on the British Olympic Association (BOA) website are owned by Getty Images. Please contact Getty Images to gain permission - Click here for contact details.

  • Where can I access Olympic video footage?

    The rights to Olympic video footage are owned by The Olympic Television Archive Bureau (OTAB). To contact OTAB click here.

  • How do I access the British Olympic Association library archive?

    The British Olympic Association’s (BOA) archive of historical Olympic publications and documents is currently held at the University of East London.

    Please contact Libby Homer to make an appointment:
    Tel: 020 8223 6467, Email: l.homer@uel.ac.uk