The world according to Mia Brookes

Mia Brookes is a world champion but also a guitarist, skateboarder, surfer and GCSE student.

The 16-year-old phenomenon is taking success in her stride having been crowned the youngest snowboarding world champion of all time.

We spoke to Mia about praise from a Lionesses legend, her struggles with concussion and a rogue favourite snack...

Mia on… that 1440

When I dropped in, I wanted to do the 14. I’ve only ever attempted it once and it was last week.

I was obviously a bit nervous but I felt like it was going to happen.

When I first tried it, I was having a really good day and I was like, ‘this is going to happen today, I can feel it.’ I got it round, landed it and then just sat down.

I knew it was the right one. The jump’s got a nice pop to it, the landing’s deep enough and I knew I felt good in the air doing the 12, so that’s what convinced me to do it.

Mia on… being the first

It’s honestly insane to be the first to do these tricks. I came into the season wanting to be the first one to do the 14.

It was between me, Zoi (Sadowski-Synnott) and Anna (Gasser) to do it, and I was just hoping it would be me first. I’m super glad I tried it.

Mia on… a shoutout from Leah Williamson

It’s crazy, I’m just Mia from Manchester who likes to snowboard.

I couldn’t imagine anything better and it’s so cool to get shouted out by people like Leah, to know that it’s gone viral across the UK.

I watched the Lionesses at the Euros, I’m not in to football that much but I hear everyone talking about it at school!

Mia on… her idols

Jamie Anderson, for sure. She’s really influenced me with what she’s achieved and her mindset.

I met Jamie a few years ago and I was absolutely starstruck. She’s helped me out with sponsors and to get to the X Games. I’m really grateful to meet her, she’s super nice.

It’s mad when your hero knows you and she’s talking about you. She mentioned me on a podcast the other week!

I’m hoping that one day I can grow up to be like her and have a career like her.

Mia on… Jenny Jones

I’ve known Jenny for five years or more. She’s always been super supportive.

I was super nervous going in to my first World Cup this season and I messaged her, ‘I’m so nervous to do this!’ She just talked me through it and told me I’d be alright, not to stress about it.

She messaged me before X Games saying, ‘you’re going to be stressed, there will be all of these TV cameras in your face, it’s the biggest event but block it out, it’s just another mountain.’

She was one of the first people I spoke to after winning gold.

I got off the podium and she was on the phone. We were jumping up and down! She was super stoked for me.

It’s nice to be able to follow in her footsteps. Going through the Olympic cycle, it’s nice to have her with me. She’s been through it all - I know I can always go to her and talk to her.

Mia on… her love of raw broccoli

In lockdown, I was in the kitchen with my Dad, and he got a piece of broccoli out of the fridge and started eating it.

I was like, ‘what are you doing, that’s so weird!’ He was like, ‘I’m just having a bit of broccoli.’

I tried a bit and it was actually really good! I used to eat it all the time. I’ve gone off it a bit now, I should probably try it again.

Mia on… lockdown

It started in March which was towards the end of the season which actually helped out as we could get back home. We bought a mini-ramp for the garden so I could skateboard and we went out cycling every day which kept my legs strong for the winter season.

It started to calm down in the autumn and we stayed in Switzerland in the motorhome for the whole season.

Mia on… coming back from a bad concussion

I was in Korbach and the speed was not good for the last jump. I was going to just pull out of the jump and as I did that, I stopped and caught my edge on the soft snow, and faceplanted.

I was okay but out cold for about 45 minutes and woke up in the hospital.

I was off for three months in the end, which was really difficult. There wasn’t anything visibly wrong with me, it was just in my head.

The thing I loved the most had basically been taken away from me for quite a while. It was the best moment when they told me I could snowboard again!

Mia on… surfing

I do a little bit of surfing, not too much. I can still catch a wave and stand up on a board. It’s something I’d like to do more of. I skateboard as well and it’s nice to do a sport just for the enjoyment, not to have any stress of competitions or travelling. I use it to relax.

Mia on… Sky Brown

Sky is super sick. I’ve never met her but she seems so cool and what she’s achieved for GB is actually insane. It would be super nice to meet her one day, we’re both world champions now.

Mia on… GCSEs

I’m feeling pretty good about them. They’re in about two months’ time. I’m still studying hard for them outside of school!

I’m most confident about PE and French, and maybe Maths I’m less confident on but I think I’ll be alright .

Mia on… the Olympics

I want to get to 2026 and the goal would be to get gold there. I’m working every day towards the Olympic dream. Hopefully I can be sat here in three years’ time with an Olympic gold medal around my neck.

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