Max Whitlock announces Paris 2024 as his last Games

Max Whitlock has revealed that Paris 2024 will be his last Olympics.

The 31-year-old is the most successful British gymnast of all time, boasting three Olympic and three World golds, and is the most successful pommel horse worker in history.

The gymnast had previously stepped away from the sport post-Tokyo 2020, with no intention to return, before returning to the fold in 2023. This time Whitlock has announced that Paris will be the fourth and last time he represents Team GB.

"It's weird to think about and to say but I've decided Paris 2024 will be my fourth and final Olympics," he said.

"I was adamant that I was done with gymnastics after Tokyo.

"Now coming back, I've given myself that opportunity to make four Olympic Games and a big source of motivation for me is to retain that title.

"I used to avoid thinking about winning medals and just focus on my job but it's actually really difficult to do that so now I'm trying to switch that mindset and use it as a new source of motivation for the first time.

"I think I can do more and I wouldn't have come back if I didn't have the potential to win gold."

Ahead of his return to international competition in February 2023, Whitlock spoke publicly for the first time about his recent mental health struggles, revealing that stepping away from gymnastics after his Olympic three-peat left him feeling like 'a waste of space'.

Whitlock is now determined to use his platform to showcase to the younger generation that even when you're supposed to feel on top of the world, it's ok to not be ok.

"People look at me and think that I would never have felt that way after winning Olympic gold, but I did," he said.

"I felt like a waste of space and a failure in that time away from the sport and to get that message across to young children, if they ever feel that way at some point in their lives, they can know that it's okay.

"We're seeing so many statistics about the declining rates of wellbeing in young children which is so heart-breaking to see.

"So, if I can help in any way with that then I'm proud to speak about my struggles."

By creating a legacy that will forever be part of British sporting legend, Whitlock has been a part of the sport for 24 years and has inspired so many on his journey to the podium.

And with his swansong set for Paris this summer, the Olympian is finally ready to continue inspiring others in new ways during his competitive retirement.

"My Olympic experience has been unbelievable," he said.

"One of the best things is I have been in a position to inspire and encourage others to take up sport.

"It's one of the most humbling comments I get when parents tell me that their child started gymnastics because they saw me on TV.

"I want to continue to make that impact and give children the best opportunities through sport."

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