BOA Statement: CJ Ujah

Following confirmation of CJ Ujah's doping violation, the British Olympic Association has made the following statement:

The British Olympic Association (BOA) takes the strongest possible line against doping and those who practice it in sport – knowingly or otherwise.

We are incredibly disappointed that we find ourselves in this position today, following confirmation of Chijindu Ujah's positive sample, taken at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

We have always been unequivocal and consistent in our stance against doping. All athletes, wherever they are from, deserve to go to the start line knowing they are in clean competition.

It is with deep sorrow that colleagues and opponents of Ujah were not able to be reassured of this fact in Tokyo. Having spent the last few years retrospectively awarding numerous British athletes with medals they should have won on the day at Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Sochi 2014, we understand first-hand the hurt and loss doping can cause.

On behalf of everyone in British sport we unreservedly apologise to the athletes whose moment was lost in Tokyo due to the actions of Ujah.

We are also disappointed for the three colleagues of Ujah who, through no fault of their own, will now lose their silver medals.

We note Ujah’s statement, and we welcome his contrition. That said, this should act as a salutary message for anyone - British or otherwise - who is doping or considering doping as a way of boosting their athletic performance. You will get caught. You are not welcome on our team and nor are you representative of our values, or of our nation.

Working with our partners across the high-performance system and with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) we educate athletes of all ages and at every level of their responsibilities every time they join us for an Olympic Games. We take our role as educators and advisors in respect to Anti-Doping incredibly seriously. There is and can be no excuse for doping.

In the case of Chijindu Ujah we hope that, moving forward, he is able to use this experience to support, in a positive and constructive manner, the efforts of Anti-Doping authorities in their important role.

Finally, whilst the loss of a medal at the Olympic Games is incredibly difficult to take, this should not in any way, shape or form take away from the incredible achievements of the wider team in Tokyo. To have taken around 1,000 people to the Games - in the midst of a pandemic - and to have returned them safely is miraculous.

For the athletes to go on and achieve all they did, remains one of the great British sporting success stories. No other athletes’ achievements should be tainted by the act of any individual and we remain proud of their endeavours in Tokyo.

The BOA will not be commenting further whilst competition continues at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.