Athlete's New Year's Resolutions

A feeling of a New Year, new you is in full swing, it brings the promise and hope of keeping a New Year's Resolution! So we have asked some of the athletes about their New Year resolutions.

"To get my head down and studying again.  A bit of side thing that I’m going to be doing while on the road, it’ll be tough but that’s my goal.  I can’t see the end of my career coming but I know it is going to come and I want something there for when I finish."

"To make the people I care about happy"

"To be happy"

"I want to start keeping a journal next year, so I’ll be starting my diary from January."

"Improve my golf handicap. Now I’ve stopped playing competitive hockey I still need a bit of sport in my life so I want to get down to single figures in golf. I have to find some sport to get serious about so I’m looking to get it down from 10."

"I want to challenge myself to be more active on social media. I want to reach out to the basketball community and be more vocal on the sport and talk to the fans more."

Do you have a New Year's resoltuon? Share your resolution with the hashtag #MyResolution.