adidas Unveils Official Team GB Wear for Paris 2024

As official sportwear provider of Team GB and ParalympicsGB, adidas has unveiled the team kit that the athletes will wear at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With one central design story, Team GB and ParalympicsGB’s athletes are united under a design DNA that celebrates the unique aspects of Great Britain, while encapsulating the fire of passion that burns within every athlete.

Jacqueline King, Design Director, Specialist Sports, adidas said: “Our belief is that there is no greater demonstration of what it means to design for an athlete, than a tournament that showcases the breadth and variety of sport. Alongside the goal of supporting the athlete to perform at their best when the pressure builds, these collections seek to connect them to their home nations, via designs inspired by their individual national identities. These elements are brought together in a kit which is grounded in simplicity – resulting in a sleek, modern collection”.

Designed to unite athletes with a single design story

All athletes share a passion for their sport, but this internal fire burns brightest around major international tournaments. In Paris, adidas will capture the flame that burns within every athlete through impactful fonts and detailed graphics – that feature across all apparel created for its 15 officially sponsored teams; signifying there is no international unifier like the passion for sport. To express the fire within athletes, the kits’ graphics, typeface, and all over print use a repeated line pattern which is brought to life through pops of color, conveying the roaring passion that is ready to emerge in the heat of competition.

In a first for the brand, 86%*1 of all competition, podium and village wear created for adidas’ sponsored teams are selected and designed with universal design principles at their core to enable athletes with and without disabilities to participate in comfort, and without distraction.

Embracing tradition while injecting newness, Team GB and ParalympicsGB competition wear builds around the classic British red, white and blue; integrating this iconic colorway in an effortlessly simple way to connect to a new generation of fans to the passion of the athlete due to compete this summer.

For team competition wear, a color blocking approach means fiery red and brilliant white accents playfully pop - during movement – against a clean, dark navy base that provides the perfect canvas to unite athletes across many sports, including track and field, diving, tennis, rugby and many more.

Completing the look is a typeface boldly placed across the front of the collection that takes inspiration from that worn by athletes in 1924, celebrating 100 years of British sporting heritage. Within the typeface, horizontal and vertical lines are used to convey the undulating movement of fire, with a glowing outline making the text pop as athletes take to the field of competition.

Beyond competition wear, the red, white, and blue continues ensuring athletes feel connected from pitch to podium. Notably, the podium wear pieces are grounded in a white base with hints of red and navy throughout, resulting in a clean, radiant kit that allows the medals to shine.

Speaking on the launch of the new kit, Tom Daley said: “The pride and passion I feel when representing my country on the biggest sporting stage is second to none, so to unveil a kit that encompasses what this moment means is incredibly special. I cannot wait to proudly wear it in Paris this Summer, alongside my fellow teammates.”

ParalympicsGB athlete, Livvy Breen said: “It’s always an exciting day when the ParalympicsGB kit is revealed for the first time – and this year is no different. I love the new kit, especially the pops of colour and what they represent– it feels really fresh. I think all the athletes wearing it this summer will feel a real sense of passion as they compete in such a pinnacle sporting event.”

Designed to support athletes on the biggest stage

adidas - through its founder - has been understanding athletes for 100 years, working collaboratively with athletes to truly immerse itself in their experience in sport - and developing accordingly. This unparalleled expertise is demonstrated in this full collection which is crafted through the selection of pieces built to the needs of athletes. From boxing to wrestling, they’re the result of a constant commitment to creating only the best for the athlete.

Beyond team kits, adidas’ offering extends to the 2024 athlete pack – a 49-strong footwear collection which equips athletes across 41 different disciplines – more than 20 of which may be seen during the field of play this summer. A striking orange and pink outsole sparks against the muted black upper of each – again representing the fire of passion shared by athletes, who represent the pinnacle of their respective sports on the world stage.

Team GB's collection is now available to buy on the Team GB Shop: