10 Fitness Tips To Stay Active Over Christmas

Daley Thompson once claimed that he always trained on Christmas Day, safe in the knowledge that he was gaining an advantage over his competitors who were taking time off.

We’re not all gold medal winning decathletes but staying fit over the festive period is no bad thing so we’ve asked some Team GB athletes for a few tips.

People always forget about the calories in alcohol. If I’m ever giving fitness tips I always talk about this and Christmas is the time of year where consumption goes up. If you’re looking to stay fit then hold back on a few drinks and you’ll be a few pounds lighter.

I wouldn’t worry too much about staying fit during Christmas because it’s about enjoying yourself, but in order to appreciate the time off make sure you get yourself to the gym and have a healthy diet between now and the festive period.

Make sure you do a little bit of exercise every day – that way you won’t feel guilty and can eat what you want.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors over Christmas. Walks are fantastic that time of year and will help keep you active over the holidays.

Don’t extend your Christmas period over the whole month! But also, don’t beat yourself up if you do enjoy yourself with the food – it’s what this time of year is for after all.

Eat lots and enjoy yourself – but then go and run around the park!

I always go on a bit of a run on Christmas day and that always helps to keep myself ticking over. It’s a key point in our short-track season so keeping fit over the holidays is important.

Don’t eat too much. Just say no!

Everything in moderation! It’s great to do a little bit of exercise as group so if you’re with your family make sure you get outside this Christmas.

Wherever you are just get out and about. Whether that’s on a bike, or going walking or, like a lot of us snowboarders, get out for a ride over Christmas and stay active. It’s important to balance the eating with some exercise.

What are you going to do to keep active over the Christmas holidays? Share with us in the comments below!