Men's Curling: The Inside Track
Inside Track

Men's Curling: The Inside Track

18 February 2015 / 14:52

Ever seen a wheelbarrow curling trickshot or wondered how many times Scott Andrews has been to Disney World? All these questions and more answered in today’s Inside Track.

Greg Drummond: I first got into curling through my friend who was a member of the local junior club. At first I didn't really want to go but I was made to go by my mum. This feeling continued for a few weeks until I realised I was actually quite good. I ended up playing for my junior club and school team at local and national events. This gave me the taste for competitive competition and my career has grown ever since.

Dave Murdoch: One of my favourite Olympic moments is still the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Michael Schumacher spun the Olympic Rings in an F1 Ferrari only metres away - it was unbelievable skill to do that on the stage. The noise was unreal!

Michael Goodfellow: There have been a few memorable moments for me but I think the one that stands out the most, as a fan, was 'Super Saturday' at London 2012. Even though I only watched it on the TV, it was still amazing to watch such sporting drama.

Scott Andrews: I have grown up with Michael and Greg through curling so, even though picking a best mate in sport is tough in a team sport, I’d have to say one of them.

Tom Brewster: My best mate in curling is my wife. Kim was born in Canada and we actually met through curling.

Dave Murdoch: Recently I did the 'wheelbarrow' curling trickshot .Check it out on YouTube…

Scott Andrews: When I was younger I think I wanted to be a cowboy. I loved watching the John Wayne movies when I was at my grandparent’s house.

Dave Murdoch: I love cycling. It’s great for my own training and I remember watching Greg LeMond in the Tour de France on TV in the eighties and I was fascinated by it. Still am.

Tom Brewster: Ideally I’d spent my TV time watching sport but inevitably I end up watching loads of cooking shows for my wife or Peppa Pig, which is my daughter’s favourite.

Dave Murdoch: If I was hosting a dinner party I’d invite Billy Connolly,Kevin Bridges, Michael McIntyre, Frankie Boyle. Now that would be entertaining! I like to cook but for those guys I'd just sit back and laugh my head off.

Scott Andrews: My ideal holiday destination? I would have to say Disney World in Florida. I have been probably 10 times and this summer I am getting married there!