Athlete's New Year's Resolutions

05 January 2015 / 17:08

A feeling of a New Year, new you is in full swing, it brings the promise and hope of keeping a New Year's Resolution! So we have asked some of the athletes about their New Year resolutions.


Ben Kilner


"To get my head down and studying again.  A bit of side thing that I’m going to be doing while on the road, it’ll be tough but that’s my goal.  I can’t see the end of my career coming but I know it is going to come and I want something there for when I finish."


Gemma GIbbons

"To make the people I care about happy"


Kate Richardson-Walsh

"To be happy"


Claire Hamilton


"I want to start keeping a journal next year, so I’ll be starting my diary from January."


Ben Hawes

"Improve my golf handicap. Now I’ve stopped playing competitive hockey I still need a bit of sport in my life so I want to get down to single figures in golf. I have to find some sport to get serious about so I’m looking to get it down from 10."


Eric Boateng

"I want to challenge myself to be more active on social media. I want to reach out to the basketball community and be more vocal on the sport and talk to the fans more."


Do you have a New Year's resoltuon? Share your resolution with the hashtag #MyResolution.