Athletes Christmas Wish List

03 December 2014 / 12:14

With Christmas fast approaching and everyone is getting busy with thier Christmas shooping. We wanted to find out whats on some of our athletes Christmas wish list. Find out below!

Jon Eley

I would like a new smartphone, but if not I am happy with anything, it’s just a nice time to catch up with family and friends


Beth Tweddle

This is actually going to be the first year in a long long time that I have Christmas completely off with all my family in one place, so that’s already ticked off my wish list.


Leon Taylor

Another spider man outfit!


Sarah Winckless

Seeds for my allotment. I really like beetroot. And this year I particularly want to grow more pumpkins as they were so successful last year.


Ben Kilner

Give me a nice day that I can go snowboarding on, a blue sky, lots of snow and I’ll be happy.


Kate Richardson-Walsh

I’m easily pleased on presents but I love the wrapping so anything nicely parcelled up would do me - especially if it’s in a nice box or something.


Tyler Harding

To be able to ski, I’m still injured and I just want to be given the go-ahead to go skiing again.  It’s been seven months and I’m just really itching to get back


Amy Williams

A puppy! I’ve asked for one every year since I was about eight. No joy so far though…


Ben Hawes

I’m getting ready for Christmas by doing a bit of a pretox so I bought myself a high-powered blender for all the fruit and veg I’m looking to have before the holidays.


We want to know whats on your Christmas wish list. Write in the comments below whats on your list.