Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

  • Event Slopestyle
  • Date of Birth 07/03/1980
  • Born Bristol
  • Coach Hamish Mcknight


Jenny is a Slopestyle specialist who has led proceedings on the world stage for the past 7 years, having won 3 X Games Gold medals, (she is the first UK athlete to win an X Games gold medal), amongst countless other top snowboard titles.

Jenny first got into snowboarding after taking a free half hour lesson at the Avon dryslope. She then worked in the French Alps as a chalet maid in Tignes so she could snowboard every day. After a couple of seasons she became a professional snowboarder and since then she has been competing at the top international competitions.

Outside snowboarding, Jenny loves surfing, travelling round Cornwall and Devon in her van and spending time with family and friends.

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