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Alpine skiing involves all skiing events which occur on a downhill course and do not involve ramps or bumps. The Olympic alpine competition consists of ten events: five for women and five for men across downhill, super G, slalom, giant slalom and combined.

The first alpine skiing competition, a primitive downhill, was held in Oslo in the 1850s. Only decades later it had spread as a sport to the rest of Europe and the USA, where miners are reputed to have held skiing competitions for winter entertainment.

Despite its status as one of the blue ribbon events of the Olympic Winter Games, it was not until 1936 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen that alpine skiing made its debut when the combined (downhill and slalom) events for both men and women were held. This event was dropped eight years later and only reappeared at Calgary 1988 alongside the inaugural inclusion of the super G. 

Slalom and downhill were added at the1948 St Moritz Games and the first giant slalom competition was held in 1952.

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