Olympians’ Association

‘Once an Olympian always an Olympian.’
The Olympians’ Association is an organisation made up of every athlete who has ever competed for Great Britain & Northern Ireland at either a summer or winter Games.
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At any time there are around 3,000 GB Olympians.  Most are no longer competing but all have a unique range of skills and experiences that can help promote the benefits of living according to the 7 Olympic and Paralympic values and the benefits of developing a sporting habit for life. 
Olympians’ Association is run for its members by a small committee of Directors who volunteer their time to help celebrate Olympism and promote all that Olympians can offer, both within the organisation and for the benefit of our wider communities.
Our vision is that Olympians are inspirational in supporting the promotion of a more active, successful and fulfilled society.

Our values
are the 7 Olympic and Paralympic values, which are:
• Courage
• Determination
• Equality
• Excellence
• Friendship
• Inspiration
• Respect
‘Inspire a Generation’ was the legacy demanded of London 2012.  Olympians are not alone in being able to deliver this, but they are ideally placed, with unique skills and experiences from having trained and competed at the highest level. Olympians know first-hand the value of adopting a ‘sporting habit for life’. They are also able to bring to life how relevant the 7 Olympic and Paralympic values are, both while competing and in their lives beyond sport.
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Finding an Olympian
should be easy, achievable and accessible for leaders in schools, clubs, community groups and businesses, in fact for anyone whose aim is the promotion of a more active, successful and fulfilled society.  To support that, and to supplement the amazing work that Team GB members and Olympians are already doing, we have teamed up with the British Athletes Commissions (BAC) so that you can more easily find Olympians on their Athletes Direct database.

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Athletes Direct
is an online platform which allows schools, clubs and organisations to arrange appearances and talks with Olympians, Paralympians and other elite athletes. Although it is only one of a range of ways that you can connect with an Olympian, Athletes Direct contains the details of a huge number of athletes and ex-athletes from across a wide range of summer and winter sports, all of whom have excelled in their chosen disciplines and all of whom have inspirational stories to tell. Follow this link http://www.athletesdirect.org to learn more about how to register with Athletes Direct and make contact with an Olympian.