We're moving forward - Brailsford

20 February 2012 / 16:15

British Cycling performance director Dave Brailsford is confident his charges are timing their run to the Olympic Games to perfection.

Great Britain won seven medals from 10 Olympic events - four gold, one silver and two bronze - plus Joanna Rowsell's gold in the non-Olympic individual pursuit at the Track World Cup, which finished on Sunday, in a competition which doubled as the 2012 Games test event.

Brailsford, who masterminded Britain's haul of seven gold medals from 10 events in Beijing in 2008, said: "This is the best performance across the board for a good couple of years.

"It shows we're building momentum, we're heading in the right direction and hopefully we've got our timing right.

"We're definitely moving forward and we're a lot closer in some events than maybe we thought. It's very pleasing.

"If we can build on this momentum then it could be good fun."

Brailsford has repeatedly said that - partially as a result of changes to the Olympic track programme - replicating the haul from China is unlikely.

However, if the London competition was about managing expectation, the displays perhaps only served to fuel it.

Brailsford added: "It can't be any higher than it was already. After Beijing the expectation's always been there. But it's only something in your mind, it's not tangible.

"You can decide whether you want to feel anxiety or pressure or not. We don't, so I'm not worried about the expectation."

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