Varnish vital to Pendleton goal

01 April 2012 / 14:29

Jess Varnish is eager to do everything in her power to aid Victoria Pendleton's bid for triple Olympic gold in London this summer.

Pendleton won the only title available to her at the 2008 Olympics, but the Games programme has been revised for London, with the 31-year-old having an opportunity to emulate Sir Chris Hoy's Beijing bounty of three gold medals.

The emergence of Varnish has now given Pendleton a realistic chance of success in all three sprint disciplines and the pair are set to restate their case for Olympic glory by riding for Track Cycling World Championships gold on Wednesday's opening day of competition in Melbourne.

Varnish said: "I want to do the best job for the team and that is for Vicky. Hopefully I'll be up to it. I think we both believe in each other and both believe we can do it, so we trust each other."

The pair set a world record of 32.754 seconds in the two-woman, two-lap team sprint at the Track World Cup in London in February with a stunning performance which shocked defending world champions Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch of Australia.

Varnish believes her friendship with Pendleton is key to the duo's success as they step up their Olympic preparations at the Hisense Arena this week.

The pair are room-mates on team trips and together watch DVD box sets, like Downton Abbey, in the pause between racing.

"We always share when we go away, which is fun," Varnish added. "We get on really well and it's nice to share with someone when you can feel like you can be yourself and relax when you're in between training sessions and competition.

"It's good we get on well. I think Vicky's amazing and it's a great team to be in. We're not just team-mates, we genuinely really get on.

"We hang out after training in the week. We spend a lot of time talking like normal girls. People think girls in sport aren't girly, but we spend a lot of time talking about make-up, doing our hair, just because it makes you feel good."