Varnish focusing purely on the track

27 March 2014 / 16:29

Jess Varnish hopes the new televised women’s race on the final day of the Tour de France will boost participation, although she admits she still has unfinished business on the track.

With the Tour de France kicking off in Yorkshire this year, there is plenty more for spectators to get excited about this time around.

On the final day of the race for the yellow jersey a women’s road race will also be televised, with Varnish hopeful the event can have a positive impact on participation.

However the 23-year-old insists she is sticking to the track for a little while yet as she sets her sights on the Rio 2016 Olympcics.

"The women's Tour de France is going to have a massive influence on getting women cycling," Varnish said.

"The road races that women do these days aren't televised and they're not in our faces like all the men's races are, which is a huge shame because they have the same status as the men's races. With the Tour de France and the attention it will get, more people should get involved.

"It's not really something I've thought about because there's still so much I want to achieve in track cycling and sprinting. I don't feel I've done what I want to do here yet.

"For me, Rio is a massive, massive opportunity. It's where I want to be and I'm going for it full gas. It's more important. I'm an older and more mature athlete. I'm really looking forward to it and really want to be there."

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