UK athletes to get more tickets

18 April 2012 / 00:05

All British track and field athletes will get pre-paid tickets so their friends and families can watch them compete at the Olympics, UK Athletics has announced.

All Team GB competitors receive two tickets for their first Games appearance through the British Olympic Association.

UK Athletics is to pay for two tickets for each round after that, in a move aimed at ensuring that track and field athletes can rely on their family support from the first round to the final.

UK Athletics chief executive Niels de Vos described it as "essentially a performance decision" which it is hoped would help the athletes to focus on their performance.

It means that athletes could be in line to receive up to five pairs of tickets across the 20 athletics sessions, including the race walk and marathon, at the Olympics.

Mr de Vos said: "This is essentially a performance decision - the last thing we want athletes to be worrying about is the cost or availability of tickets for their mum and dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

"But it is also about recognising that without the massive support and sacrifice of friends and family, over many years, most athletes would never have made it to elite level.

"As soon as UKA heard we could access these tickets from the organisers, we made the decision to purchase them on behalf of our team, so no athlete need worry about either the availability or cost of getting their loved ones into the stadium."

Pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale said: "For me, having people close to me there and supporting me is a big boost.

"I always compete to my best when I'm at my happiest, so to hear this is great."