Team GB's Sochi 2014 Memories

06 November 2014 / 11:01

The winter season is here! So what better time to relive Team GB's record-equalling performance at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics by asking our athletes some of their favourite memories from the Games. 


Jon Eley

Carrying the flag at the Sochi Games was an unbelievable experience for me. To be a part of Team GB and then to be the team captain and lead the team was something that not many people have had the chance to do.

It was a real honour, and it being the most successful Winter Olympics team for 100 years made it even more special.


Jamie Nicholls

Completing that second run in the slopestyle semi-final was incredible.  It was a run I hadn’t done before and I couldn’t believe it as it meant qualifying automatically for the Olympic final. 

The whole Sochi experience was amazing. The food hall actually became the centre of my Games when I wasn’t competing or training. It was a great place for everyone to meet and hang out.  


Eve Muirhead

Last season was an amazing one and taking home that Olympic medal was a dream come true for all four of us. 

At the end of the bronze medal match I just felt a huge relief as I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go home from Sochi without a medal. 

Thank goodness I didn’t know that we could make history before my final shot, but to know that now will make that stone live with me forever.


Aimee Fuller

Putting on and wearing the Team GB kit for the first time and walking out into the Opening Ceremony was amazing.  

It was also brilliant to have the chance to hang out with the other British athletes and meet so many people from different sports while I was out in Sochi.


James Machon

Walking out into the Fisht Stadium with the Olympic Rings and Team GB on your arm was an amazing feeling. 

I also go to meet the Princess Royal, who was in Team GB House at the same time as me one afternoon. I was great to meet her and she was really interested in all the sports and how the team was getting on.


Lizzy Yarnold

Valentine's Day 2014 holds the fondest of memories for me as I achieved my dream of winning skeleton gold at Sochi. It was the culmination of five years' hard work and sacrifice.

My boyfriend James was one of the first to congratulate me and I remember him saying "Well done, it's going to go crazy now". 

When people I've never met before run to tell me they cried when I won in Sochi, and they've caught me when I've got my medal with me, seeing their face reminds me exactly how I felt when I first got the medal.


Billy Morgan

Landing my run in the semi-finals of the slopestyle snowboard competition was incredible but I’ve got so many great memories from the Games.  

There was an athlete’s table tennis competition which I came second in and I was pretty please with that effort.  I lost in the final to a Polish athlete – we didn’t speak a common language but we played together loads.   


Scott Andrews

It was fantastic to be part of Team GB and to meet all the other athletes from the different sports.  I made a lot of good friends during the two weeks in Sochi and there was a real team feeling in the camp. 

Going to the medal plaza to watch Jenny Jones and Lizzy Yarnold collect their medals was absolutely amazing and obviously standing on the podium ourselves and getting the silver medal for curling was the best feeling ever.


Ben Kilner

The one thing I think I will always remember about Sochi will be the freezing cold ice bath that we would be chucked in every morning.

It was out on the balcony and they didn’t even need to put any ice in it as it froze overnight.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.    



Murray Buchan

My favourite Sochi memory would have to be the Opening Ceremony.  When I walked up that ramp into the stadium and was greeted by a wall of noise, I finally realised what it meant to be part of the Olympics and that I’ve made it.  Seeing the entire crowd cheering and the realisation that I’ve done it and I’m here was amazing.

I also really enjoyed commentating for the BBC which was a great experience.  I was lucky to be invited to cover the slopestyle semi-finals and finals as well as the finals of my own event the ski halfpipe.