Team GB's ski and snowboard bucket list

13 November 2014 / 16:47

Ever wanted to ski on the slopes at the Whistler Olympic Park or snowboard down fresh power in the Alaskan mountains? Well Team GB are no different and our ski and snowboarders have been putting together their winter bucket list as they prepare for another season in the mountains. 


Ben Kilner: Snowboard in Alaska

I’d love to go to Alaska, it’s somewhere that’s in the complete wilderness and it’s a different kind of snowboarding - it’s completely and utterly scary as hell but it’s very advanced. 

We live in the parks and we’re surrounded by the safety of groomed pistes but out there you’re really left to your own and the type of snowboarding you ride out there in the powder is amazing. 

You get dropped off on the top of a peak and there’s absolutely nothing apart from you and mountain. It’s one of those crazy places that I’d love to go to.


Tyler Harding: Visit Whistler

I really want to go to Whistler - all my friends have been but I’ve either been injured or the timing hasn’t been right. Plus apparently Canada is one of the best places on the Earth to go skiing and it would be amazing to visit the Olympic Park from Vancouver 2010.

In terms of competing, I really want to make the Olympics in 2018 and compete for Team GB as well as secure a top five or ten spot at the Winter X Games. 


Murray Buchan, Ed Drake and Rowan Coultas: Ride in Japan

Murray: "I would love to go and ski in Japan. It’s meant to be amazing snow and I’ve never been before so it would be something completely new and awesome to experience."

Rowan: "Japan is my ultimate goal. I really want to get out there and ride."


Aimee Fuller: PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games

I’d love to head out to PyeongChang for the next Olympics. My goal is to be better prepared for the Games than I was in Sochi and to push myself to get a good result in Korea.


James Machon: Double cork 1260

I’m eyeing up 2018. I’m already working on my run for the Games because I want to perfect it over the next couple of years.

I’m working on a double cork 1260 and then the plan is to get in going both ways, which no one seems to be able to do yet so hopefully that will give me an edge.